Having ‘flitted’ through Bradford’s Forster Square with its flower beds and walks, the Examiner columnist Ariel in his column On the Bat’s Back was moved to comment:

On leaving this pretty oasis in a desert of stone and mortar, I fell a-wondering why some of our open spaces could not be made use of after the fashion of Forster Square, Bradford. What a glorious thing, if our noble St George’s Square, instead of being converted into a hideous, if useful, street railway terminus and coaling station, had been laid out in flower beds; and grass plots.; of course making all due provision for access to and from the station and its approaches. Alas! it is too late for that now. But why not utilise the Old Market Place. – as I believe it was once proposed to do. The “world menders” and itinerant lecturers, the gossips and street loafers, might find another place in which to air their stale platitudes and course wit.

Schedule to Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 18 June 1892