Huddersfield Local History Society has received funding from Historic England’s ‘Regenerating Historic High Streets through Heritage Action Zones’ (HSHAZ) scheme to celebrate the history and heritage of St George’s Square. This will enable the Society to produce both a well-illustrated book to be published in summer 2023 as well as this website. 

Not only are we looking for eye-witness accounts, pictures, maps and other images from the past but we are inviting anybody who has their own memories and photos of the Square to share these initially on the project’s website. This will allow us to make selections for our book and these submissions will also be passed on to the West Yorkshire Archive Service to be preserved for future generations.’

As well as your contributions, we hope to include a great deal of background information on this website. 

Huddersfield Local History Society is a member of the Huddersfield HSHAZ Consortium which was recently awarded a £90,000 grant from Historic England to create and deliver community-led cultural activities on the high street. Each year has its own theme: Sports and Well-being to tie in with the 2021 Rugby League World Cup; Arrivals in 2022 reflecting the diverse make-up of Huddersfield; Music in 2023 which is also the Kirklees Year of Music. It is likely that these themes will be echoed in the reminiscences and images collected by Huddersfield Local History Society’s Memories of Our Square project.

Anyone who would like to find out more about the project, or would prefer to contribute to this website by email, should contact us at 


Our project is funded by Historic England’s government-funded High Streets Heritage Action Zone programme.

Estate Buildings, Railway Street – part of the Huddersfield HSHAZ project

Huddersfield Local History Society

Huddersfield Local History Society is an organisation for anybody and everybody interested in the history of the town. We are keen to recruit new members and to develop opportunities for members to share their interests in local history and work together to find out more about our fascinating town. To find out more go to our website.