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This is where your stories – in words and pictures – of St George’s Square will appear. Take a look at what others have said and add your own memories.

A ‘lovely’ spot for a lockdown engagement

So me and my fiancé got engaged at St. George’s square on the 14th August 2020. We had been to Gringo’s for a meal as his birthday is on the 16th August and afterwards he led me to St. George’s Square where we sat on one of the benches. It was during one of the breaks of covid lockdown so it was still very quiet. He then passed me a piece of paper. When I opened it, it said ‘Will you marry me?’ and as I turned to him he opened the box with the ring in it. Of course I said yes and we hope to get married on 16th November 2022! St. George’s square is such a lovely space with so much history and beautiful architecture it really was a lovely spot for a lockdown engagement

Jessica Herrett

Su and Gorden at the George

Back in the eighties I was out for a meal with my mum at the George Hotel when Gorden Kaye and Su Pollard walked past our table. They must have been dining in the restaurant and were leaving. Both were actors in successful sitcoms at the time, Su Pollard in Hi-De-Hi! and Gorden Kaye in ‘Allo ‘Allo! I remember Su Pollard was very friendly and was speaking to people who recognized her, but Gorden Kaye was quieter. My mum had known Gorden when he was a child and they lived on the same street in Moldgreen.


As the clock strikes 12!

My grandma Peggy Mackay used to tell me that her Dad, Arthur Holt, used to tell her that when the clock struck 12, the lion on Lion Chambers would climb down and walk around St George’s Square. She then told me that the clock never actually struck.

Catriona swindells

Feeding the pigeons

I remember the lovely flowers on the roundabout and the fountain at St George’s Square, the long row of bus stops and once feeding pigeons with my mum. You can’t do that anymore.

Tracie hemphill

Catching the trolley bus

I was brought up in Meltham. If I arrived at Huddersfield station after the last Hanson’s bus (11pm from the bus station) I would hurry out of the station across St George’s Square to catch the trolley bus to Crosland Moor – last bus 11.55pm, then walk the rest. The line up of trolley buses at 11.55 was an impressive memory.

Although I liked the floral display in the Square, and the parked trolley buses between duties in the circle made for them, I think that its redesign to a more open pedestrian area was an improvement. I look forward to the newly restored buildings around this area.

john sheppard

Getting the sports results

Subject to memory fallibility! My father stopped his car on a corner (Lion Buildings?) in the mid 1950s to buy the sporting results newspapers – pink, green (and yellow?) on a Saturday evening


Town triumphant! 2017

What a day in the history of St Georges Square! Town against all the odds had gained promotion to the Premier League. The team with a meagre budget had amazed the pundits. We believed and yes there we were massed in our thousands, shoulder to shoulder. The triumphal open top bus, the jubilant Terrier team, manager Wagner and owner Dean Hoyle came into view amidst the deafening chants and cheers. The trophy was visible for us all to see.

The atmosphere was electric; a blue and white army, chanting, cheering, celebrating, welcoming our heroes back to a Northern town – the birthplace of Harold Wilson, whose statue draped in Town colours looked on in the midst of the square. There was a sea of blue and white; children on parents’ shoulders, fans adorned with scarves waving flags and with the proud stone lion on Lion Chambers draped in a blue and white scarf. Even the rain later didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. It was a day that will go down in the history of the Square and one I certainly will never forget.


Tour de France 2014

This photograph was taken in July 2014 when there was a temporary fruit, vegetable and flower market in St George’s Square as part of the celebrations surrounding Tour de France coming to Yorkshire.  During the race itself large screens were placed in the square and many people watched the race outdoors. In the photograph are Janette Martin and Maria Clegg, with one of the French stall holders.  Inspired by Tour de France we cycled along the narrow canal to Slaithwaite that day!

Photograph © Janette Martin

Festival of Light (2007)

Huddersfield’s fantastic Festival of Light ran for several years and I’m pretty sure I went along on more than one occasion but I have managed to locate my photos for Friday 16 November 2007 and they suggest it was even more spectacular than I remember. The procession, which featured giant sea creatures, started at St Peter’s Gardens and ended with fireworks in St George’s Square. I had to do a bit of research to find that in 2007 the procession was created and staged by Plasticiens Volants from France.

Chris Verguson

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