SIR, I should like to draw the attention of the Tramways Committee to a practice which, if not stopped, must some day prove fatal – viz. overcrowded tramcars.

Today, the tram leaving St George’s Square at two o’clock for Waterloo was crowded to excess. The lower and upper saloons were full almost to suffocation, four passengers were travelling on the rear platform, seven on the front platform, and two actually on the engine beside the driver; and I will ask any reasonable person if an engine can take this freight round the Green Cross corner, Moldgreen, without damaging the engine? This over-crowding appears to be carried on, the engine drivers have to prepare for it in getting up steam to carry them through, consequently there is more likelihood of the boiler and the engine being damaged by over-pressure, Besides it is not safe for the drivers to have two or three persons on the engines (not cleaners) with them. It is not allowed in other towns – why here? I write in the interests and safety of the public and hope that “a word to the wise is sufficient”. – Yours truly, PREVENTION
July 20th, 1891.

huddersfield Daily examiner, 25 July 1891