I can’t believe I’m admitting to this but I once asked four Leeds United players for their autographs! In my defence it was before they became known as “Dirty Leeds”, but still! Checking Terry Frost’s “Huddersfield Town : A Complete Record 1910-1990” the date must have been October 12th 1963 and Town lost 2-0.

The players – Johnny Giles, Ian Lawson, Bobby Collins and Grenville Hair were walking around St. George’s Square at they same time as we, schoolboys, got off the Baddeley’s coach that had taken us to a Saturday morning sports fixture at somewhere like Heckmondwike or Hipperholme. I assume they’d been in a team meeting at the Hotel and were killing time before moving off to Leeds Road. 

Later, that dinnertime amateur sportsmen would be meeting in front of the Bank ready to go to their afternoon matches. It was rumoured that anyone wanting a game could go round asking if any team was short of a player. 

Richard hobson
From Richard Hobson’s autograph book