Here are some of the memories shared with us at the Huddersfield Family and Local History Fair on Saturday 15th October 2022

My mum and stepdad got married at the old Registry Office which was on Railway Street in 1967. This is just off the Square. I remember us coming out into the Square after the wedding. It was near the Alassio Coffee Bar, which I then frequented on Saturday afternoons as a young teenager. We went there for milk shakes after the ‘Starlight’ Saturday afternoon sessions.


The long queue in the rain waiting for the taxi home following a night out in Huddersfield.

John Roberts

My mum pushing my brother in a Silver Cross pram. My dad lifting the pram up the station steps on a cold, misty day in 1968. I remember looking up at the lion on Lion Chambers.

Adrian Fraser

When Huddersfield Town FC were promoted to the Premier League in 2017 and we all gathered for the parade in St George’s Square.


In 2007 the Square came to life, buzzing with excitement. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip arrived, following a visit to the university, to listen to the concert set up in the Square and receive flowers. The music and merriment continued after they left.

My mum absolutely loved the Harold Wilson statue. The son of Huddersfield, which made her very proud.

Michelle Kain

St George’s Square reminds me of the George Hotel, where I celebrated my wedding reception almost 40 years ago. We stayed there overnight on our wedding night. The next morning, after checking out, we went to our car parked in St George’s Square to find it had a flat battery. A friend came to the rescue.

Other memories of the Square are of the exciting family journeys by train, starting from Huddersfield Railway Station. Both my grandfathers worked on the railway, so we went everywhere by train. Happy times!

Sally Barber