celebrating the history of St. George's Square, Huddersfield


New York, New York…

Huddersfield Railway Station has always been a point of departure for people from the town setting off to take part in big events. In 1926 the Huddersfield Thespians sent a team to New York to take part in a competition for amateur theatre groups presenting one act plays, having already won first prize in the British Drama League’s competition. Here they are on the station steps on their way to Liverpool to board RMS Carmania. In the centre of the photo is Hilda Chilton who is carrying a lucky horseshoe. The Belasco Cup went to the Dallas Little Theatre but the Thespians came a close second.

Photo, courtesy Huddersfield Thespians and the West Yorkshire Archive Service, Kirklees where the Thespians’ extensive archive can be found

Catching the trolley bus

I was brought up in Meltham. If I arrived at Huddersfield station after the last Hanson’s bus (11pm from the bus station) I would hurry out of the station across St George’s Square to catch the trolley bus to Crosland Moor – last bus 11.55pm, then walk the rest. The line up of trolley buses at 11.55 was an impressive memory.

Although I liked the floral display in the Square, and the parked trolley buses between duties in the circle made for them, I think that its redesign to a more open pedestrian area was an improvement. I look forward to the newly restored buildings around this area.

john sheppard

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