Here the Huddersfield Chronicle is sharing some remarks made in the previous Saturday’s Leeds Mercury by its columnist JACKDAW who, having criticised the state of Leeds Station, goes on to describe Huddersfield

If the Leeds Station is ” hideous, filthy, and inconvenient” then, according to ” Jackdaw,” the Huddersfield Station must be most hideous, filthy, and Inconvenient. An imposing external appearance is the only redeeming feature. The eye, attracted from the outside by Corinthian columns is repelled in the inside by a long and narrow platform crowded with promiscuous throngs, whom it is not rare to see frantically rushing with portions of luggage from the place at which they have been expecting the arrival of some train to the end at which it actually stops. Above is a roof somewhat precariously supported. Opposite the platform are luggage sheds, and engines and trucks that make the air crack with the violent colliding of their buffers. If a passenger wearies of the sight and seeks repass in the wailing room, he Is met with a picture of discomfort which ” Jackdaw ” would describe as filthy, while discordant uproar highly offensive to the sensitive ear proceeds from shrill whistles, shouts of porters, imprecations of rough passengers, and perhaps the hubbub of excursionists and marketing people that crowd the booking-offices and their approaches.