John Radcliffe (18), news lad, Hill Top, Paddock; John Costello (15), shoeblack, Manchester Street; and Herbert Lamb (11), shoeblack, Manchester Street, were charged with playing at pitch and toss at St George’s Square, on the 31st ult.– Police-constable Robinson stated that at ten past two on the afternoon in question he saw four or five lads playing at pitch and toss in the square. They were pitching with half-pennies. Costello pitched , but did not toss.–Radcliffe pleaded guilty; but Costello said he was not guilty. Lamb did not appear.–Mr Ward said that Costello was without parents, and lived in a common-lodging house.–The lads were warned about repeating their conduct, and were fined 2s 6d including costs.

Supplement to the huddersfield examiner, 14 February 1891

Another prosecution relating to pitch and toss occurred at the end of April. The newspaper report suggests that the police were concerned by the amount of gambling taking place in the Square.

A NUISANCE IN ST GEORGE’S SQUARE. – John Patrick Swift (15), Boulder’s Yard, newsboy, was charged with gambling with coins in St George’s-square. Police-constable Appleyard stated that on April 20th he was on duty in St George’s-square when he saw the defendant with other lads, tossing with coins. Defendant admitted they were “tossing up to see which would have it.” The Chief Constable said the nuisance of gambling in St George’s-square was so great that it was found necessary to keep a man constantly stationed there. The boys obtained some money by selling papers, and then gambled for the money. The defendant had been convicted of gambling with cards in October, 1889. Defendant was fined 5s., Including costs.

Huddersfield daily chronicle, 2 may 1891